Justin Bieber shares a romantic selfie with his love Hailey Baldwin. Check what the singer has to say

Justin Beiber posted a very sweet note for his wife with a very beautiful selfie also he promised his wife Hailey Baldwin to love her rest of his life.

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The picture was posted by Justin Beiber on his Instagram handle. Amid the lockdown, Justin Beiber and his wife Hailey Baldwin has isolated themselves in Canada, since they left the US during the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

The couples are spending their quality time by posting pictures of each other. Mostly the pictures which are posted are while loving each other. “Dear Hailey, as I lay here, you sleep next to me, I think to myself how did I get so blessed. You’re humility, joy and desire to grow blows me away! I am honoured to be your husband. I promise to love you all the days of our lives.

Good night Hailey I hope you read this in the morning and smile! You are my FOREVER,” the singer captioned the picture. Through the caption, he promised to love his wife Hailey for the rest of her life. In the shared picture we can see Justin kissing on her wife’s nose. Just after confessing that he wants to go back in time and save himself for his dearest wife Hailey and then he posted the picture.

In their Facebook series during the time of the latest episode of The Beibers on Watch, Hailey and Justin responded to various questions by their fans. One of Justin’s fans asked him what would Yummy singer change if he could go back in time. “If I could go back and not have to face some of the bad hurt, I went through I probably would’ve saved myself for marriage,” Justin answered.

He also commented that might his revelation seems crazy. Being sexually active was confusing for him. “Sex can be kind of confusing when you’re being sexually active with anybody,” said Justin.

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