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Samantha Akkineni schools her dog on stealing neighbour’s stuff toy, check here for the story

Samantha Akkineni is an Indian actress and has emerged as a leading actress in the South Indian film industry. She was born on April 28th, 1987 in Kerala to a Telugu father and a Malayali mother. Despite her mixed regional background, she has specified herself as a Tamilian. It is been known that Samantha, the daughter-in-law of the Akkineni family seems to be an intense love when it comes to pets. Also, it is been known that Samantha Akkineni is quite fond of animals and loves taking care of them.

This south Indian actress has her pet whose name is Hash Akkineni whom she loves a lot. Samantha’s posts on her pet puppy have always been remained special as it seems that she is so much attached to her dog. She has proven herself to be the master of everything.

From being an actress, wife, and daughter-in-law, to an entrepreneur and a pet-mom, Samantha has done a tremendous job in every aspect of her life. While in isolation due to the pandemic disease with her husband Naga Chaitanya who is also an Indian actress and has worked in various Telugu films, her wife Samantha is keeping herself busy by taking care of her adorable pet dog, Hash Akkineni.

Samantha says that a dog’s training and behaviour is very crucial. She trained her dog for stealing neighbour’s stuff toy because she says when a dog gets bored than to grab their master’s attention they start to steal something so that it will attract their master’s attention towards them. So, being so much attached to his dog she admitted her dog who can train him in stealing the stuff from her neighbourhood. South Indian actress also reveals that learn what dogs are trying to express and teach them some of our languages. Dogs can learn close to 300 words as we humans have to do is to understand their body language and try to read 30-odd calming signals in them.

The birthday updates of her pet dog Hash has become a hot topic for discussion with her friends. Samantha opened up about how she got depressed after losing one of her pets to canine parvovirus in the past. She also stated that it was so saddening for her that she kept
blaming herself after her dog named Bugaboo was gone. Now, she is so much attached to her pet dog Hash that she every time gets annoyed when her vets and dog trainers didn’t give her lovable dog hash a proper treatment. She is so much attached to her dog hash that
she notices her activity closely and also ensures that she will engage with her lovable dog in activities as the bonding will get improved.

Samantha loves crazy things because of this only she admitted her dog who can train him on stealing the neighbour’s toys as such activities killed the boredom and dogs don’t feel too much stress. She says that as per experience with the dogs they are just like humans, as
they tend to learn through experiences and exposures in their life, so make sure that every person should give their dog safe exposures. She has shown her love for Hash by throwing off a party for her friends asking them to bring their dogs at the party. Samantha pen down an emotional note for the hash that,” When you finally came in my life, the first few weeks were the most difficult days as I used to have nightmares and I kept crying always expecting the worst but, now you can see why your first birthday means a lot to me as I mean to say that, you can never be completely in control; don’t be tried too hard on yourself when something bad happens to you and most importantly I want to express my love towards you by saying; Happy first birthday Hash and congratulations to me for allowing myself to be happy”.

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